Here are some of the emails and letters we’ve received from happy owners;

Dear Auntie Jackie,
It has been over 8 weeks since I have been with my human subordinates, and it has finally sunk in that I am stuck with them. I thought i moved every 8 weeks, as I was with you for 8 weeks then was taken by this lot. Wish I had realised I was going to be stuck with them as I would have carried out my rampage of destruction at a slower pace. There is almost nothing left I can terrorise at the houses, and now spend my time looking forward to taking my minions out for their walks, as there are many interesting things to smell and destroy on the paths I take them.
I attach a picture that my main minion complains is the image he gets everytime he tries to stretch out on the sofa. I am unsure what the problem is as I’m very beautiful, he should try it from my side, having to look at his ugly mug!
Ahh well i saw a box arrive today, so hopefully it is a replacement for the boots i chewed up last week, they should keep me quiet for at least an hour.
Lots of love
Khaleesi, Sept 2015
Dear Auntie Jackie,
Its been a month and thought i’d let you know how I am getting on. I am doing well, and daddy has attached a picture taken yesterday. He complains this is the only half decent picture he has because I wont sit still long enough. He doesnt realise that i don’t have time to sit still as there are toilet rolls in the house I haven’t shredded, there is at least one flower bed I haven’t dug up, daddy has at least a few items of clothing I haven’t put holes in and I’m sure with a little bit more work I can pull the table cloth off the table and scatter its contents everywhere. He just has no concept of how busy my life is.
On other matters, i am begining to relent on going to the toilet outside. I go and stand by a door, doesn’t matter if it is the backdoor or not, if he doesn’t notice me within 30seconds i just go wherever I am stood. That will keep him on his toes.
Well not much else to report. will write another time.
Khaleesi, August 2015
Dear Auntie Jackie
    Well i have been here almost a week and the training is coming on nicely, they are almost all doing as I ask when I ask without moaning or delays. I think another week and I will have them completely trained, though I am annoyed that they seem to believe that I can only go to the toilet outside, no matter how many times I demonstrate I am capable of doing it indoors. I am relenting on this and begining to let them know when i need to go, so they can let me out.
    I attatch a picture of me with my fave toy, it is a ribbon I tore of someones b’day present when they came around. I like it most as it upsets daddy as he has spent money on toys to play with and i prefer something that cost nothing, well that and the toys outside. Daddy calls them plants and flowers and keeps chasing me round the garden when I have one of these ‘flowers’ in my mouth, it’s lots of fun, though I will say the garden is now looking a little bare. Hopefully he will go buy some new plants so i can rag them round the garden.
    Well I have been awake for nearly 2 hours now, so I feel a sleep coming on. Just thought I’d let you know I’m doing ok.

Lots of bites

Khaleesi, July 2015


After a very long journey home Fred has settled in perfectly. He is so gorgeous, funny and clever. He is already going to the door when he needs to wee!!  Thank you , Katie, Devon  May 2015


Hi Jackie!
Took these shots for you yesterday, your Miss Liver nose is she not stunning!!
We never miss our obedience classes and although she has been quite a challenge,
mischievous and wilfull I am definitely winning!!!
We are waiting to start agility when they begin the new class soon.
Thank you again for our beautiful Kizzy.

Lots of love
Bernadette & Clive Sussex May 2015


Dear Jackie,
Miss Cream (Simba)  is an absolute treasure: toilet trained in just a day, woke up only twice during the night for a 20 – second wee in the garden under the rain and back to sleep within 3 minutes in her crate. Not howling at all. She took to the crate instantly, no training required.
Wishing you a relaxing Sunday.
Kind regards,
Laurence. Surrey May 2015

We picked up our puppy from you on 29th April 2013. Just wanted to say how absolutely delighted we are with him. He is the most unbelievably gorgeous dog, happy, relaxed, loyal and so loving. I have never known a dog enjoy so much contact and cuddles. Right from the moment we brought him home he was relaxed and comfortable in his surroundings. He was showered with love and cuddles right from the start and he has grown up with the most amazing temperament.

The kids (and us!) regularly lie on him to cuddle him and he is so relaxed and just loves it. He’s so chilled, saves his energy for the long walks and runs and the ridiculously over the top welcomes when we come back after a few hours (or minutes – it doesn’t seem to matter!).

On top of that he’s a handsome chap and gets attention wherever he goes, meeting everyone with a constantly wagging tail – it rarely stops wagging! He loves his food – we’re still feeding him a raw diet, he loves it and looks great on it too.

All in all we couldn’t be happier with him. He is exactly what we were looking for in a Ridgeback – perfect. He is an absolute credit to your kennel – a fantastic dog with a superb temperament.

We are looking to get another Ridgeback in the not too distant future, so will be in touch.

Kind regards,

Chris and Sue Matthews…and our Yogi!

February 2015


I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic dog Thandi has grown up to be. She is gentle, calm, loyal and loving. She has the most amazing turn of speed and enjoys her life on the farm. She is out with me in the stables a lot of the day but is still very ready to go jogging in the afternoons, unless of course it’s raining, she does NOT like the rain!

She is very much admired by all who meet her and a few of my friends are now considering a Ridgeback as their next dog. The vet is always impressed by how fit and healthy she looks, a lot of which I put down to her food.

Thank you so much for breeding such a lovely dog.

Thank you again,

Caroline & Thandi – March 2014


We met Jackie and she guided us through to meet her pups…it became clear to us when this little smudged face looked back at us that we had chosen our girl and wrapped her up for the journey to our home.

Saba is growing a treat, and the mischievousness is justified by her lovely temperament. Great with our little girl, with all other animals and all the people we have encountered who stop us to say hello. Bit of a stunner really!

Now the sun is starting to shine after such a tough Winter we can really look forward to walks in the South Downs with our new best friend! Thank you Zejak x

Nick, Ava, Nicky and Sabu – March 2013


It’s nearly a year since we got LAYNE (ZEJAK CHIBU) from Jackie. It was a dream come true for us as we have always wanted Rhodesian Ridgeback and after a long and careful choosing of breeders we have finally picked “ZEJAK” and on the waiting list for a puppy from YOGI and CHOBE. It was the best moment the day we picked Layne up and stuck to Jackie’s advice on “how to” from the day one.
Layne has become a wonderful pet and best friend not just to us but to many people he met as well. Simply perfect dog we’ve always wanted. We took great care of him from the day he came to live with us including socialising.
One day at a local fair we came across the fun dog show and thought why not to have crack at it. And Layne loved it. Not just that but the judge loved him so much he ended up getting “RESERVE BEST IN SHOW”. We than decided to take him to couple more local fun dog show as it’s a good socialising event and LAYNE ended up winning “BEST IN SHOW” in both of them. He loved did and people loved him. He was a little star with everybody asking about the breed and about what we feed him as he has a lovely shiny coat. The answer to this one is always easy “NATURAL INSTINCT” of course.
We were planning to drive to Slovakia (where we’re originally from) on holiday in the summer taking Layne with us. It was July and we knew there is a international dog show there so we entered Layne. It was wet day and mud bath that day but Layne won his class as “very promising”.
Since that day we decided to have a go at Championship Shows back in the UK. Being inexperienced in showing all together we entered Layne in junior class for his first two shows by mistake as he was still young enough to be in the puppy class. Lesson learned there….
His first Championship Show was Bournemouth on Sun 12/08/2012 where Layne to our surprise and despite our mistake entering him in older class finished 3rd out of 4 dogs and qualified for Crufts 2013. Second show was City of Birmingham where he got “reserve” in junior class, than Driffield where he was 2nd in puppy class this time. Next show was Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain Championship Show and Layne got “VHC”. This was when we me Jackie with YOGI for the first time since Layne flew the nest. It was great to see them both again and Jackie and her friend Linda have given us lots of good advice we needed and even got a critique on stacking Layne. We took everything on board. Coincidently it was the day CHOBE has given birth to her new litter.
After that Layne and us had a relaxing couple of weeks of till yesterday…..
Yesterday SAT 20/10/2012 we took Layne to The Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association Breed Open Show where Layne got 1st place in puppy dog class and went on to win “BEST PUPPY DOG”. What a day… That was our boy bred and fed on NATURAL INSTINCT.
This is just to say that anybody out there being serious about getting this beautiful breed get “ZEJAK RIDGEBACK” because not only Zejak Ridgebacks are bred for their wonderful temperament and make the best and loving pets but with Layne’s example it proves that they are TRUE AND PURE RIDGEBACKS even show quality. And not to forget most one of the most important thing – fed on raw diet “NATURAL INSTINCT”.
Thank you very much Jackie for letting us have this great and loving creature and wishing all the best to future and present ZEJAK owners.

Patrik and Suzan

To see photos of Zejak Chibu, visit our Facebook page


Hi Jackie,

Here are some up to date snaps of Sammy and Rafi at 6 months old and as you can see they are developing into really lovely Ridgebacks.  They are incredibly affectionate, cuddly dogs and fit so well into our close family environment.  They also love meeting and playing with other dogs which makes for great entertainment in the local parks.  In fact Sammy behaves more like a Golden Retriever than the more stand offish nature of a Ridgeback that we are used to and loves everyone to death.  Rafi is not quite so exuberant in his approach but he is still very curious and affable.

We take them with us most places we go and it didn’t take long before they were not phased by heavy traffic, loud noises or large crowds of people and children.  The only snag is that we keep being stopped by people passing by because they want to say hello and ask about the dogs (but then they do stand out with that gloriously shiny, deep red colour).

We were devastated by the loss of our previous Ridgebacks but we don’t get the chance to dwell on it since having these two, they are very intelligent well balanced dogs and study our every move so we are kept on our toes trying to stay one step ahead of them.  Obviously having two youngsters is very hard work but they are hilarious to watch and are so sweet natured, you can’t help but smile every time you look at them and they brighten up every day.

We are so pleased we took the plunge to have more dogs again and very fortunate to have two of yours.  We have no hesitation in recommending you to people who may be interested in having a Ridgeback.

John, Belinda, Sammy & Rafi – December 2011


When we first lifted him into our arms, he put his front paws against our chest, turned his raised head towards the garden as if to say ‘Hello world, its me, I’m here and I’m ready for adventure’. We called him Keba, meaning courageous and loyal, although there is one aspect of his personality missing from his name and that is his kindness.

Today Keba is just off seven months old, and even at 34.9kg he has many doggy play friends. Due to his intuitive nature he can change the way he plays and interacts with other dogs, be they Beagles, Collies or Rottweiler’s. His temperament means 90% of his walks are off lead.

On these walks Keba has amassed a fan club amongst walkers and dog owners alike, a family once averted their walk away from us seeing we were accompanied by a ‘large dog’ until we heard one of their children shout ‘It’s okay Mum, it’s Keba’, and their route was quickly diverted back on to our path to be greeted by a waggy tail and licks. One friend’s five year old son, calls him ‘his best friend, the lion hunter’. Obviously we have trained Keba to be round children, but his gentle nature and intuitive intelligence plays a large part in this.

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback loves water, will fetch a ball and enjoys nothing more than digging holes and weeing over judges whilst in ‘Best Puppy in Show’ competitions!

He is our Keba puppy, the sun dog, puppy powers, hoolapup, monster munch, huckaberry pup, hot pants, the lion hunter, baby boys, the slobber dog, and the one who is charged with giving our odd socks a new lease of life.

Jackie, thank you for our best friend.

Claire, Andy & a snoring Keba – December 2011
Hi Jackie,

I hope you and all your ridgebacks are well. I thought I would give you a quick update on Lola now that she is 6 months old. She is doing very well, is extremely friendly and has a great nature and character, getting on brilliantly with both people and dogs. She is also great with livestock as I walk her regularly amongst cows and horses. We have done some basic training including whistle training for recall which she picked up very quickly and works around 95% of the time, the exception being when she is having too good a time playing with another dog!

Everyone that meets her is very impressed by her and comments on what a good looking dog she is and how big she is going to be (she weighs about 28.5kg now, I keep her fairly lean but she is pretty muscular). She also travels brilliantly, either in the boot of the car (with a dog guard) or with a harness on the back seat which is essential as I still divide my time between London and a Leicestershire.

She has settled brilliantly in both places and also settled instantly when visiting and staying with relatives over Christmas. She spent a couple of days with a dog sitter in their home after Christmas whilst I was away and they loved her and she made herself totally at home and taking full command of their sofa.

From Katy & Lola, December 2011
Hello Jackie,

We collected Dexter from you on the 28th April 2011 he was one of 13 from the Keta and Boris litter born on the 10th March 2011.

Dexter has been with us for two weeks (today) 12.05.2011, its not taken him long to settle in and had become a huge part of our family already!

He has dealt exceptionally well with all the new situations he has had to face and has loved being centre of attention!

He is learning so very quick and picking up new commands on a daily basis, he is one very bright puppy! Every one that has come to visit and meet him as commented on how chilled out he is and he is rapidly becoming the star of our family!

We can only but thank you Jackie for the excellent temperament of Dexter, we cannot wait to go out for our first walk together, and we hope to start puppy training classes very soon!
Our lives have completely changed since we got him and its all been for the better, I feel I have a new best friend!

I will keep you posted with pictures and update you on his progress through out his time with us. I have attached a photo.

Kind regards,



Dear Jackie

Here are a couple of recent photos * of Zejak Zorba at 6 months and 1 day old (born 23 Sept 2010)

As you can see he is absolutely spectacular, a wonderful dark red colour just like his Dad Boris, and likes sitting on the sofa watching TV just like a human! He has the most wonderful, even temperament and gets along great with our two, 2 year old Maine Coon cats.

He passed his puppy foundation with flying colours in February 2011 and will be starting his Bronze canine good citizen this weekend (26 Mar 2011). We have high hopes of him going to gold and beyond (ahem!), although this may be a bit of stretch as he literally chooses which commands to hear at the moment!

We have had to make some modifications to certain domestic routines too as he grows, as he is a compulsive and opportunistic thief where food is concerned! Especially as he is now just about tall enough to put his head onto the kitchen counter, has discovered how to open the rubbish bin with one paw and can reach tantalising objects (i.e. food) virtually anywhere if he stands on his back legs. He even managed to eat a whole packet of “Dentastix” that were inadvertently left within range, in the space of less than 5 minutes!

Amazingly, despite his size he can still `limbo` through the cat flap (which admittedly is a large one) and avail himself of any tasty titbits the cats have left within reach. But at nearly 40Kg already, we are determined to catch him doing it on camera and send it in to “You’ve been framed”.

I think it is only a matter of time before we contact you again to get him a little sister, so watch this space…..and thank you so much for allowing this wonderful (little) chap to come and live with us.

All the best,

Ian & Irene Walker and Zejak Zorba – May 2011


Hi Jackie,

Thought we would send you a couple of pics * and let you know how she is doing. She is doing great, getting bigger by the day. We completed her puppy training course last week, and have started a natural dog training course which she seems to really enjoy. She loves going for her walks up the local country park and is fantastic off the lead and comes when called, and enjoys games of hide and seek with the girls.

She is great with other dogs and isn’t fazed by some of the big dogs that get a little boisterous.

Though it was a bigger learning curve for us than we thought having a puppy, it has proved to be worth it. Nala or ‘little miss Orange’ as Karen calls her (after the colour of her collar when we picked her up) has been a fantastic addition to our family, as you can see from the photos the girls love her and she seems to listen to our youngest Cerys immediately and drop into a sit or down at the first command. Well thanks again for letting us have one of your beautiful dogs.

Hope all is well with you.

Kind regards,



I thought it was time to send you an email. We purchased Tilly (Tana Bahi) from you in June 2002.

What can I say, she is truly wonderful and very much loved by all. She has a fantastic nature, playful yet loving .Gentle and protective with my children age 3 and 6 years. She also tolerates the cats! And she is still admired wherever we go. So thank you, our lives would not be the same without her. Her only fault would be, that she doesn’t like to be away from the Aga/fire…in fact any heat source!

Carolyn Burnet & Tilly – January 2011


Dear Jackie,

We got “Mozi” from you in December 2008. She’s one of Zulu’s. It didn’t take long for her to become the jewel in family’s crown. She’s the most sweet-natured, cuddly and wamr-hearted dog I’ve ever owned, happiest when all “her pack” is around her. Here, she’s patiently tolerating our youngest hanging off her neck, probably for the 12th time that day.

It’s amazing how a dog can change the family dynamics in a positive way. Her looks are the talk of our park. If I had a penny for every time someone said “what a beautiful dog”…

She does really want a brother though, which is why I always follow your new litters page!

With 4 kids in the house, I was at first slightly apprehensive about bringing the famed “African lion dog” into the house. I cannot stress how misplaced my worries were. The perfect pet, except she NEVER fetched sticks back!

Shahen GALICHIAN and family – July 2010

Dear Jackie,

Our boy “Zejak Zifa” (Loki to his friends) is coming up 3y/o in April, I can’t believe it! As you can see from the photo’s he grew VERY big, as you had said he would. He has the most stunning head, people are always stopping me to ask about him. He is just the most lovely boy, so very clever and extremely obedient (when he feels like it!).

I read somewhere that Ridgebacks tend to see “commands as suggestions”, and I think this sums up Loki brilliantly! He’s far more intelligent than a Labrador or the like, but with that intelligence comes the ability to think for himself! We couldn’t wish for a more gentle dog, he now has a little sister (tiny Jack Russell) who he plays with endlessly, but so very gently. He also plays with one of our maine coons! He has so much personality, he’ll move his bed to where he wants it (generally in front of the Aga, he used to bring it in the sitting room in the evening until we bought him another bed to go in front of the fire – he simply won’t sleep on the carpet!!). He also likes to sit with his slaves (He’s not really allowed on the sofa -so to compromise he plops his bum down next to us – keeping his front feet on the floor!). He is well capable of opening the cupboard to help himself to whatever he might fancy (muesli being a particular favourite), and should anyone leave cheese or steak out on the side, it most certainly won’t be there for long! He loves coming eventing with me, and I never have to bother to lock the lorry as no-one would get anywhere near it if I haven’t introduced Loki to them in an official manner!

Anyway, it suffices to say he is a very happy lad, and much adored, not only by us but also the rest of our menagerie! I’ve attached a few snaps from the recent snow.

January 2010


Dear Jackie,

Our wonderful Ridgeback sadly had to be put to sleep yesterday following a long and very happy life. We purchased him from you in the Autumn of 1998 and we sought you out because of your claim to breed for temperament.

Having been a dog owner all my life, I can say with out any doubt that our Zimba was the most beautifully natured dog I have ever owned. He was always calm, devoted and highly intuitive. He was always able to tune in to your state of mind and was the best friend of everyone in the family. We all miss him terribly as he was the heart of our family but feel very lucky to have had him in our lives. Your claim to breed for temperament is without question, so thank you for giving us a truly special dog to love and care for. We still have Chloe, our Ridgeback Rescue dog who is full of character and keeps us smiling during these sad times.

For your information, he was sired by Chomananga Hafifi n’dugu (which I am told means something about chasing a stick – which of course they never do!) and this mother was Zejak Riziki.

When we have grieved for our Zimba, I hope that I can persuade my husband to seek you out again, so that we can have another adventure with these amazing dogs. If you are planning to breed puppies again in the new year, perhaps you would be kind enough to get back to me?

So thank you for all the work that you do with this breed and I hope that we will meet again in the fullness of time.

Kind regards,

Varina Emblen, Jan 2010


Hi Jackie,

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve received the kennel club documentation that you posted.

As promised, I’ve also attached some photos of Blaze for you.

He’s such a funny little thing. He is really affectionate and wants to be involved in everything that we do – which can be a little dangerous if you’re up a ladder and decides to join you. We’ve learned from experience on that one.

He’s used to the cats now (although they are firmly resisting all his attempts to play with them), and is really social and polite with other dogs. Training has been quite challenging as he’s quite wilful, but he’ll do anything for a bit of chopped up chicken or sausage. He walks to heel off leash beautifully, will ‘sit’ and ‘down’, and also does a high five. As you advised, it takes a firm hand and lots of patience – which is sorely tested at times.

He’s really good in his crate and travels well in the car. House training is proving a little more difficult. He cries to be let out for a poo, but will simply sit by the door silently if he wants a wee, which invariably ends up with him weeing on the carpet – our fault for not keeping an eye on him and remembering to let him out every 30 minutes. We’re hoping that he’ll learn a way of attracting our attention when he wants a wee, particularly as we have a big house and often can’t see him sat by the door.

All in all a lovely little dog and lots of fun. He’s eager to take part in anything we do, whether it be a cross-country trek or a visit to the beach. Thank you so much for allowing us to bring him home. We love him to bits!

Mr & Mrs. Jackson, Wiltshire – Jan 2011


Hi Jackie,

I hope this finds you and your family and Ridgebacks well. I haven’t been in contact for many years but I felt compelled to let you know that yesterday Ruby passed away.

She came to us from you in 2001 from a litter born 18/10/01 and since then we have had two children. I just wanted to let you know that she was the most wonderful hound, full of love and funny quirks and was a credit you and to the late Merlin and Red. In time I would very much like to have another Ridgeback and hope we can come and see you when we feel ready.

Mr. Church, Hampshire – August 2009

** Update – January 2010 – Mr. Church collected his new puppy from us this month **

Dear Jackie,

My lovely puppy I got from you, from Zulu and Jali’s litter last 4th of July, has grown into the most beautiful girl and the best running buddy I have ever had. She has been a complete joy and the best decision I may have ever made. We are having a great time and she is a brilliant city girl in London and the star of every park around. Amazing with other dogs! Our three hours in Richmond Park every Friday is her favourite of course, and she loves to swim!

Thank you very much for my lovely Breeze.

The picture is of her in February 2009.

Many many thanks,

Raina Chamberlain, London – March 2009


Hi Jackie,

I hope you and the pack are keeping well!

Our Lovely boy Zee (Zejak Burhani – D.O.B. 2/12/07) is keeping healthy and bouncy. He still attends his training class every Wednesday and is doing so well. The trainers have nothing but complements for him and are surprised at how good he is for a 1 year old…apart from a couple of areas….;-)

Every time he does his retrieve a dumbbell exercise, the whole class will erupt in laughter as he bounds down the hall like a springbok pouncing on his dumbbell, tossing it in the air! People regularly have to duck!! He also manages to break the tunnel every time he runs through it, that’s the problem, he RUNS, like a bull in a china shop… So funny! It brings him so much enjoyment.

If we’ve popped out for as little as an hour, upon our return, he will put the closest thing to hand in his mouth and proceed to do the whole body wiggle waggle for at least 10 minutes! You’d think he’d been alone for a week!! I swear he bends so much, his bum touches his nose!

He has such a well rounded personality and has never shown an ounce of aggression towards another dog, even when set upon by a grouchy old retriever, his first reaction was to hide behind dad and then to go back over to see if it had changed his mind and now wanted to play!

Saying that, we were approached by a slightly worse for wear swaying homeless person on the local high street, Zee instantly realised there was something up, grew about 10 inches in height and told the drunk in no certain terms to halt right there and don’t come any closer to Mum and Dad! The drunk duly obliged and went on his way. Zee instantly then went back to wagging away.

Our cats have finally accepted Zee, probably because he has realised that they don’t taste very nice to lick. The youngest kitten Penelope will get into bed with Zee when he’s asleep, she realises he’s too clumsy to cuddle up to when he’s awake though, she’s not that brave! Strangely they both enjoy watching The Dog Whisperer together! It must be Caesars’ calming influence.

Zee has been relatively illness free in his life, the odd upset tummy that is usually due to him drinking from anything but his water bowl, the stinkier the better is his motto! Strange boy!

We noticed that Zee’s parents Zulu & Zvara are due a litter in the spring. We’ve been thinking of getting him a sister for some time now. As he will be just shy of 18 months in May, we’d absolutely love to get a bitch from this litter.

I really do hope we could be considered for another Zejak baby.

Thanks again Jackie,

Luke, Cat & Zee – 2009


Hi Jackie,

Just thought I’d send you some recent (last week!) pictures of Tango….on the beach in sunny Bermuda! This week winter has arrived and it is currently blowing a gale!

Tango continues to delight us all. Tango and I are re-doing the Intermediate Obedience course (missed a few classes during the last course due to travel commitments) with him and we are also working towards doing some therapy work with old folks and kids. I take Tango to pick up my son at school from time to time, and he is so good with the kids. Last Thursday we did some training at an old folks home. He loved saying hello to the residents! I know because of his size, some folks are a little nervous of him at first, but soon realise what a softie he is. Stay tuned for updates!

Hope all else is well with you and yours.

Warm regards and woofs,

Alison and Tango – Bermuda – 2009



Just to let you know that Amo is 2 today and that he’s extremely well and thriving. He is a wonderful dog – lovely temperament and perfect conformation.

I phoned you at the beginning of the year to enquire about puppies, but eventually decided that for one reason and another that I didn’t want to wait until your next litter was ready. It was probably a mistake, although the puppy I eventually got has a lovely personality. However, the conformation isn’t great. Anyway, if and when you decide that you are going to stop breeding, could you please let me know? I think your line of breeding is excellent and one day I would like another one…and I don’t want to find that I have left it too late and you have stopped doing it!

Hope all is going well with you. I keep a look out for you in the Driving pages of Horse & Hound and I hope things are good in that area. I have (yet another!) new hunter to replace an old one who is about to retire and so I’m looking forward to the coming season.

Kind regards,

Peg & Amo – 2009


Hi Jackie,

Sorry for not getting in touch sooner, hard to believe its fourteen months since we collected our wonderful ridgeback from you!

It’s also hard to believe that small bundle of paws and fur you gave us has grown into the strong, proud, large, faithful companion sitting a few feet from me now. His growth was quite amazing and still draws comments from our dog walking friends.

Thank you also for the excellent advice and puppy pack you supplied us with, it proved very helpful. I must confess, we were not prepared for the amount of attention that Chester draws. I used to take him to Tesco’s for socialisation, noisy environment, etc, but several times had a queue forming of people who wanted to stroke him and it was causing an obstruction! I have also had cars stopping in the street and strangers coming over with tales of ridgebacks they had or knew and commenting on his looks and condition.

He gets loads of exercise and we try not to give him “human” food. He is very muscular and lean. I remember thinking how fit Zulu and Chobe were when we came to see you and that’s what we are aiming for. The vet says he’s in excellent condition and health.

We are quite strict with him and strive to be more “dog handlers” than “dog lovers” although it is hard because of Chesters’ wonderful nature. He challenges us every day in small ways just to make sure we are still in charge, which we are!

Well, that’s all for now and we promise to keep in touch.

Best regards,

Andy, Sue and Chester – 2009


Dear Auntie Jackie,

Can you believe it I am 5 on Thursday (19th Feb 2009). So excited, can’t wait to see what pressies I am going to get. It wont be a bed though as I have found they are not quite to my liking these days. I suppose you have to grow out of chewing things to bits at some time…….

Well the snow was fab I loved it. Played for hours rolling around, it felt soooooooo good. Archie acted like a snow plough and tried to eat his way through it…and they say Vizslas are brighter than us. I don’t think so. I am still having a ball with my life in Winchester, I get two hour long walks a day and if I am really lucky I get three (which I can live without between you and I but hey you have to show willing right?). I have a new bestest friend called Morty who is a ridgeback too. At the moment he is more interested in Archie, but I have found a good shoulder barge puts him back on track to play with me.

I hope you are all well. The new puppies look lovely. But I do point out to Mum that I am a sponge when it comes to love and cuddles, so there is NO ROOM in this house for a cute thing – that is my job !!!!!

Ruby and Bron – February 2009


Hi Jackie,

Hope you are well.

I have attached a couple of pictures of Dash taken on holiday in Northumbria at the end of January. He is now nearly 10 months old and in the words of Mick’s Dad ‘he is turning into a fine dog’!

We are really pleased with him, he is a lovely dog, very friendly and loves playing with other dogs. Dash has never chewed anything in the house, he comes back to a whistle (well most of the time anyway) and is an easy dog to have. He is much admired by other people who always comment on his good looks and lovely colour. We now know lots of people on our walk and it often takes me 2 hours to get round a 30 min walk! We know all the dog’s names but not the owner’s names!

Dash goes out with a dog walker on the 3 days that I work and we think that this has really helped as part of his socialisation – meeting lots of different dogs, people and situations from an early age.

As well as playing, Dash’s other favourite pass time is sleeping – he is either on the sofa or in front of the fire!

The only thing he isn’t keen on is getting wet – he is a bit of a wuss in the rain so we got him a jacket!

Good luck with your next litter – we will check your website for new puppy pics!

Take care

Mick, Debbie and Dash Plowman – February 2009