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2016-08-03 14.01.39Puppies ready for new homes in the January 2019


A Family Kennel 

We are breeders of pedigree Rhodesian Ridgebacks in SURREY UK.We hold visiting days a couple of times a month to allow you to meet a variety of ages of Ridgebacks, we are a professional Family Kennel. We do all things to the best of our ability, with our dogs living with us in eight rural acres of the SURREY countryside.

Our dogs have the best of everything, they are loved and cared for by our family and have a Raw diet provided by

We look after them homeopathically as far as possible, which means they have nosodes instead of conventional vaccines, we do not use any chemicals on them, or in them, but of course we would never let them suffer so have a great vet one mile away in Godalming!

Our dogs are health tested, with outstanding results, which is a result of thirty years effort,

This goes for Temperament as well, our dogs have always had to be good family dogs,

Dogs that we and our clients can live happily with, they do make a mockery of the breed standard I’m afraid because they are not “aloof with strangers”! Ours I’m afraid are very friendly 😀

We concentrate on




( we have the darker red colour, with minimal white & black)

We have litters planned this Summer, to go to their new homes at the end of JULY & beginning of AUGUST, please email me for our info sheets and to arrange to visit our gorgeous pack.

Next visiting days are posted at the top of the page, and on our Facebook page, Zejak

We look forward to meeting you! 😀


Our next avability will be puppies ready for new homes in JULY & AUGUST

Please email for our info pack, then try to come to a visiting session if you are keen to meet the breed and possibly get a puppy.

We really like to meet you, and of course you meet us and the dogs.